Scope of Conference

Dear Friends,

It has been nine years since the great earthquake of Wenchuan, Sichuan, southwest China. The impact of that devastating event on either natural science or social sustainability was so important that a decade review will be of no doubt worth for further development. Continental earthquakes, a mixture of intra-plate and inter-plate earthquakes, forms the major threaten to human society not only along the Eurasian seismic belt but also in continental America, Australia, and Africa, among other places. Understanding of the seismogeneises, preparation, and occurrence of continental earthquakes, one of the challenging scientific issues in Earth science, plays an essential role for the reduction of the risk of earthquake disasters as well as the post-earthquake secondary disasters, calling for international exchange and cooperation. For about every decade, China Earthquake Administration (CEA), in collaboration with the academic and/or administrative organizations both in China and abroad, organizes the International Conference on Continental Earthquakes (ICCE). In connection to the 4th ICCE, the International Conference for the Decade Memory of the Wenchuan Earthquake, organized by CEA in collaboration with several national and international organizations and projects such as IASPEI, UNISDR, IAEE, ISC, ASC, ACES and NSFC, among others, will be held on May 12-14, 2018, in Chengdu, Sichuan. The Conference will be focused on the exchange and cooperation in earthquake science and technology, countermeasures for earthquake disaster risk reduction, earthquake emergency response, and post-earthquake rescue, relief, and recovery.

We look forward to your participation in this Conference, and hope that this Conference will provide all of us with a good opportunity for fostering innovative ideas and productive cooperation.

With best regards

Prof. Guoguang ZHENG
China Earthquake Administration

Important Dates

  • Conference:
    from May 12 to 14
  • Post-Conference field trip:
    from May 15 to 16
  • Post-Conference publication plan:
    to be announced during the Conference (with paper submission deadline September 1, 2018)
  • ASC Pre-Conference training course:
    from April 15 to May 10